Why does pod lib lint suddenly fail to build?

I made some changes to the repo of our private pod. Pushed up my branch. Tests all ran. Then my colleague asked for some updates to my PR (pull request). I made changes and pushed it to GH. I wanted to merge the changes. But then CI was failing. So I ran CI again. It failed again. They say third time is the charm. So I ran it two more times....

October 24, 2022 · 6 min
self-contained rv

What is a Self Contained Build Script?

So I had this need to add a brew package named gh into our build script. I spoke with with the team that handled our agents and asked them to add a new package on the agents. I was told that the package has to be included as part of the build script and that build scripts need to be self-contained. At first I didn’t fully understand what ‘self-contained’ means in this context but as I digged more into our Jenkinsfile I learned what it meant....

April 22, 2022 · 4 min